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How to #LINKon This Labor Day Weekend

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

If you’re traveling, in a new city, or your friends are just out of town, you can always hit up a local LINK Group for a meet up! Posting a Notice or a Group Moment is a sure way to catch the attention of anyone who’s down to hang out. You can also have your own adventure and post a Moment so people nearby can see and meet you!

Those are some good tips for any time, but here’s a few suggestions specifically for Labor Day

Fairs/Carnivals A lot of major cities have fairs planned all weekend. There might also be a carnival popping up near you! Fairs and carnivals are a fun way to spend the day walking around, eating fried food (droooool,) playing games, and meeting up with other people looking to have a good time.

Art/Music Festivals Just like with county fairs, a lot of cities will have art and music festivals planned for the long weekend. Art and music festivals are a great way to see local performances and support local vendors and artists. If you’re a musician or an artist yourself, they can be a great way to tap into the local scene. But bring cash! Not every vendor might be able to take your credit card.

Road Trip Ever wanted to get away from it all and explore someplace new? Well, a three day weekend is the perfect chance to get out of the city for a day! Pick a place, make a playlist, and pack some snacks for the drive to a new spot. And don’t forget to use LINK to connect with a whole new set of people nearby and find out what’s fun when you reach your destination!

Fireworks Fireworks are great basically any time, but they’re especially great as an end to a long weekend. Some parks and cities will arrange places where you and your friends can gather and watch the display unfold. Bring a grill, a loaded cooler, and some blankets, and you’re sure to have the perfect summer evening. Just make sure to show up early for a good spot!

No matter where you are, you’re sure to find something fun to do and awesome people to share it with. Have a great weekend everyone, and #LINKon!

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